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With 20 years of gaming experience, 10 years of optimization compilations, optimizations on customized windows for the last 3 years, and thousands of tests, we provide customized windows service for minimum latency and maximum performance with up-to-date settings. Apart from fixed premium services; we also provide customized installations, dual PC installations and dual operating system installations.

Our goal is to prepare customized operating systems and custom installations for professional gamers who want to get maximum efficiency from their systems, game lovers who want to play their games with the best performance their system can provide, and streamers who want to stream with the best quality and fluidity that their system can provide.


What do we do?

We provide IT (Information Technology) services and consultancy for e-sports teams, professional players, streamers and gamers. Our goal is to optimize Windows, the operating system of your computer, to provide a faster computing experience and improve the performance of your system.

Improving FPS and Gaming Performance:  We optimize your PC's hardware and software to improve gaming performance. This process results in higher FPS in games and a smoother gaming experience.


Improving Bullet Registration Performance: You may experience bullet registration issues at some games. To solve these problems, we optimize your computer and minimize bullet registration issues.

Reducing Overall Latency: If you are experiencing latency issues on your PC, we make the necessary adjustments to resolve them. This results in faster response times and a smoother experience.

Overclocking the GPU: By overclocking the graphics card (GPU) in your computer,we increase gaming performance. However, we can only do this on computers with the eligible hardware.

Reducing Input Latency: We adjust settings to reduce delays caused by keyboard,mouse or other input devices. This allows for more precise control and faster response times.

Improving Broadcast Quality: To improve broadcast quality, we optimize your internet connection. We will also optimize your computer and streaming software to help you achieve a higher picture and sound quality.

Ensuring the Best Recording Settings depending on the equipment: We adjust the necessary settings to achieve a higher quality of recording. This ensures that the recorded videos are clearer and offer a higher image quality.

We are optimizing your internet connection: This ensures a faster internet connection and a smoother online experience.

Basically it has been designed in accordance with the optimization of all fps games like CS:2 & Valorant & ApexLegends & CoD MWII. 
Of course other Games will also profit from a tweaked OS.



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